More than just PEP & Sanction Screening

Analyse your clients’ data against a suite of sources providing you with further insights for enhanced decision making.

Data Sources

  • Global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists
  • Global Sanctions lists
  • International Watch lists
  • Regulatory Enforcements
  • Law Enforcements (including criminal convictions)
  • Disqualified Directors, Insolvent and Bankrupt lists
  • Adverse Media


  • Effective data presentation & Filtering
  • Search Sensitivity Customisation
  • Adding and Saving Analyst comments
  • Search History
  • Downloading & Saving of search results
  • Monitoring

Data Sources


Global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists

With over one million profiles, our PEP information covers individuals, PEP related legal entities, and state owned enterprises.

A typical PEP profile includes, as a minimum:

  • Identity information, including details of any aliases used and names in original script
  • Addresses
  • Details of political office(s) held
  • Details of associated businesses
  • Details of individuals linked to the profiled person, including family members and business associates
  • A cached collection of original source documents, referenced to create the profile
  • PEP classification allowing an initial indication of the potential risk

Our sources include official sites such as government or national assemblies and foreign offices:

  • CIA World Leaders
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Rulers articles and other databases continually monitored to additional information
  • Gov’t/Official websites covering all levels of PEPs
  • Other useful open sources, e.g. those independent from the state control

Regular updates are performed from selected media websites through daily media checks

Where English sources prove insufficient to account for the personal traits and affiliations of certain PEPs, foreign sources (in foreign/local languages) would be relied upon to obtain fresh information and bridge the gaps between inconsistent information.

Politically Exposed Persons Classification

PEPs have been split into 5 Tier levels each of which has been assigned a different risk level in accordance with the designated risk based approach. Please view the PEP Classification section in the FAQ’s page for more detail or contact us for any further queries


Global Sanctions lists

Global sanction lists are monitored every half an hour, with releases being updated within an hour of release on a constant basis. Ongoing, reviewing and updating processes also ensures the highest level of sanction data availability.

Sanction data coverage includes:

  • HMT sanction regimes
  • OFAC & Bureau of International Security and Non-Proliferation Sanctions
  • UNSC Resolutions
  • EU Restrictive measures
  • National / Unilateral restrictive measures (where applicable)

Achieving consistency in global sanctions compliance, requires advanced technology and access to the watch lists driving sanctions filtering. StartKYC data enables you to keep up with the rapid pace of regulation, on a global scale.

International Watch lists

Our international watch lists include data from varied sources to provide extensive insight on individuals or legal entities other than regular PEP and Sanction data. The following sources are monitored on a constant basis to allow our customers to assess their clients from a 360 degree perspective:

  • Financial regulators (over 400 sources); any individual or entity that has been fined or in some other way subject to action by any financial regulatory body are included in our lists.
  • Law enforcement (over 600 sources) and restrictive trading ‘watch lists’ (e.g. UK Financial Conduct Authority, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Interpol, Europol, the FBI and other national police wanted lists).
  • Criminal convictions within the confines of the legislation in appropriate jurisdictions
  • Industry and other commercial or specialist sources
  • Global Corporate Registry Data
  • Global Lists of Insolvents and Bankrupts and Disqualified Directors
  • Global ID Verification

Adverse Media

With over 10,000 sources, our Global Adverse Media data includes any individual or entity that has been reported in global newspapers, news sites or other media as being involved in crime of any nature. All sources are saved in cached versions to ensure constant access to all articles saved in a pdf format thus avoiding the frustration of dead links.

Adverse Media


Effective data presentation & Filtering

StartKYC allows all users to review the results through its user friendly interface as well as download a PDF version of the result for independent storage. The StartKYC interface allows users to view results in a segmented and visual fashion thus minimising analyst review time and ensures a cost effective customer due diligence process.

Users also have the option to filter results by name, country, record type etc.

Search Sensitivity Customisation

When purchasing a package, users will be able to adjust the sensitivity of search results in order to control the number of false positives returned as well as increase results returned in situations where names of the subjects being assessed are not known for certain.

Adding and Saving Analyst comments

When performing a search, package users may add comments to document their review. Comments added may then be viewed in the history screen. Comments are also printed to PDF together with the search results allowing for a full audit trail.

Search History

Through its history module, StartKYC stores all searches performed and allows package users to maintain adequate documentation of all searches performed. Users are able to easily go through old searches performed as well as the respective results and comments added during the review.

Download & save search results

All the search results and analyst comments can be downloaded in a printable PDF format enabling the user to meet compliance obligations and audit requirements. Each report includes a timestamp of when the search was conducted.


AML/FT regulations require subject persons to regularly screen their clients against PEP and Sanction lists. StartKYC enables package users to automatically monitor Legal entities or individuals at the desired frequency. All checks run through the monitoring functionality are automatically saved in the history module and alerts are issued to the user in the event of hits or potential hits.